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Olivia hussey boob

Hussey boob olivia Olivia Hussey

TIL that Olivia Hussey, the actor who played Juliet in the 1968 film Romeo and Juliet, wasn't legally able to attend the 18+ premiere due to its nudity, even though it was her breasts that were shown. (Trivia section) : todayilearned

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Olivia Hussey recalls controversial 'Romeo and Juliet' role at 16, reveals personal tragedies

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'Romeo and Juliet' star Olivia Hussey reveals rape in Manson murder home

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Hussey boob olivia Olivia Hussey

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Hussey boob olivia

Hussey boob olivia

Hussey boob olivia


  • Olivia was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer in the summer of 2008.

  • Leslie is 40 and Norma looks 35 and when they spout the lines about adolescent love it made me laugh and laugh.

Later, in 1990, she was awarded a 'César' French equivalent of Oscar.

  • She alleged Jones then brutally attacked and raped her.

  • In one scene, Juliet and Romeo are shown lying naked in bed the morning after their wedding.

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